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#4446234 LVL101 * Barn 4750 * Silo 3800 * 1000+ Diamonds * 4.4mil coins * Many more good stuff in description
  • Platform Android
  • Seller's guaranteed time of delivery 8 hours
  • Quantity 1
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US $285.33
G2gToken rebate points given upon completion of your purchase. It can be redeemed for Store Credit. 5706


Gold: 4.4mil+

Diamond: 1115

Barn: 4750

Silo: 3800

Tickets: 1405 green, 785 blue, 373 purple, 221 gold

Many decorations collected from more than 7 years worth of events

Bems: 400+ Lems: 300+ Sems: 100+

Boosters avail: 7 5stars and 1 4star and 1 1star

Fishing area fully opened with close to 150 nets waiting for you. Baits also

68000 boat score

1500+ food items including rares like Jelly beans and jams (in storage and uncollected)

Enough mining materials to bomb an entire country (200+ big mining mats like pickaxe etc)

Enough axe and saws to cause global warming by deforestation (600+ axe + saws)

Etc Etc Etc... Pm me if you want more details or screenshots or negotiate price

Discord: LTW#7230
FB messenger:
Telegram: @LimTW


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