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#4180808 Cars Package - No Need Login - PC ONLY
  • Platform PC
  • Seller's guaranteed time of delivery 1 hours
  • Quantity 499
    1 = US $3.90
    US $3.90
    G2gToken rebate points given upon completion of your purchase. It can be redeemed for Store Credit. 78


    Each 10 cars 3.9$
    Service Provider preparations
    # I spawn car for player

    # This method can take 10minutes to 1hour it is up to how fast you can be prepared before i login to your invite only lobby

    Deep Note: This Method Ultra Safe / CDkey warranty
    I can spawn cars so fast very important thing is your owned garages amount and size
    What do you need to prepare ? *Before Purchase & Contact
    rule #1: You need a garage that has 10 ELEGY RH8 (Price = 0$ or FREE) inside Bennys' Original Website

    (it can be purchasable through this video link. Purchase same car until it says garage full. Then you can contact me.)

    rule #2: If you have many garages that has ready like rule #1 Taking cars in to garage as i calculated takes 10minutes for each 30 cars.

    If you not prepared this garages before service time will be 2-3hours for each 30 cars.

    rule #3: You can purchase Cheapest 10 cars garages from this video link.

    rule #4: Sell your car or keep it until full garage again by service provider's spawn cars (RH8 CUSTOM mod-kit) & repeat rule 1 for each sold new cars.

    rule #5: !~~Warning your game can freeze if you take ServiceProviderspawned cars in 1slot empty garage ( to take it without error, keep your garage full all time )

    10 cars : 8.450.000 $ in game money
    100 cars : 84.500.000 $ in game money
    500 cars : 422.500.000 $ in game money
    25 cars : 21.125.000 $ in game money
    50 cars : 42.250.000 $ in game money
    75 cars : 63.375.000‬ $ in game money


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