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#4006314 Account for sale K18, ranked in top 100, T4 unlocked
  • Server Others
  • Seller's guaranteed time of delivery 6 hours
  • Quantity 1
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US $1,000.00
G2gToken rebate points given upon completion of your purchase. It can be redeemed for Store Credit. 20000


Kingdom 18 , VIP 12
T4 troops unlocked
Castle level 25, Lord level 60

480k hospital bed capacity (all important buildings are at lvl 25)

+120k T4 Infantry
+140K T4 Spearmen
+800k T3 Infantry
+550k T3 Calvary
+550k T3 Spearmen
+300k T3 Bowman
total of ~2.5m units

10 gold commanders (including andrea and melisandre)
5 purple commanders (including seg with ~50 medals)
9 blue commanders (including kevin, theon, raymond, sinara and tyrion)

Enough 7.5% badges to almost fill all gear slots (mostly infantry and spearman)

+1.5b Grain
+1b Iron
+1b Stone
+1b Wood
Basically no gold (I have a farm account I can give it to you as a bonus, both accs make ~330k gold/h (180 alt, 150 main), enough to keep a steady supply of t4 coming

~56d general speed ups,
~20d research,
~75d military

Exteriors: Ancient Capital and Shadow of Valyria both permanent

~85k blue diamonds, 100 black diamonds


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