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#4005360 DIABLO 3 Equip! legendaries Farm!, SAFE and CHEAP
  • Mode Hardcore
  • item_type Accessory
  • Seller's guaranteed time of delivery 6 hours
  • Quantity 99,999
    1 = US $11.76879961
    US $11.77
    G2gToken rebate points given upon completion of your purchase. It can be redeemed for Store Credit. 235


    100% safe and fast!
    All Price can be flexible! Place your offer!
    Contact me on discord: Spakka#1027
    or join discord channel:


    1-70 3$
    Same price for Softcore/Hardcore mode
    Same price for Seasonal/Non-season heroes
    All loot included

    Legendaries Boundle x50 10$ x100 18$ x150 25$ x200 30$
    price can be flexible and can change if someone require class specific item

    Season Conquest 30$ (+10$ for hc)

    Grift ready equip: GR50 20$ GR60 30$ GR70 40$
    GR50 equip will cointain random off-set, 4 pieces of class set, and exp/gems lvl up
    GR60 equip will cointain random off-set, 6 pieces of class set, and exp/gems lvl up
    GR70 equip will cointain 6 pieces of class set and rigth off-set, good exp/gems lvl up

    Oradric chaches x5 10$
    Normal Rift runs 2$ each
    Greather Rift runs from 2$ to 5$
    price will be based on difficulty and if you got or not the key

    Feel free to contact me For other kind of services


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