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#3338431 [ALL SERVER] Fast Leveling 70-80 - MAIN Battle Class [ALL 5.0 MSQ, AETHER CURRENTS & ROLE QUESTS]
  • Server Tonberry
  • Service Type Level 70 - 80
  • Boost Method Account Share
  • Seller's guaranteed time of delivery 6 hours
  • Quantity 10
    1 = US $55.00
    US $55.00
    G2gToken rebate points given upon completion of your purchase. It can be redeemed for Store Credit. 1100


    For fast response please contact us via discord >>>> bo#3000

    Please double check discord names & tags before you add us.
    we only have bo#3000 as our discord contact.Thank you ^^
    Requirement :
    1.Must have shadowbringer license for PC/Steam
    2.To use our MAIN character service , you must first completed the main story quest from Stormblood "A Requiem For Heroes".
    If you are a new player / returner and have not complete ARR / HW / Stormblood Main story ; we strongly reccomend you to head on to mogstation and buy the jump story potion.
    3.If you already own Shadowbringer but still on Heavensward MSQ , you only need to buy the Stormblood jump story potion.It will clear both HW & Stormblood for you.

    The price is for 1 class , example : Warrior
    All items/gil/equipment drop will stay in your account.
    If your inventory and - or Armoury is full then we will store it in your retainer/chocobo saddlebag.
    The price listed already include all MSQ from 70 [A Syrcus Trench]-80[Shadowbringers] & Role Quests for selected class (tank/DPS/healer) as well as Shadowbringer Aether currents (flying)

    1.MAIN CLASS from 70-80
    2.MSQ UP to HADES (Normal)/AMAUROT
    4.ROLE QUEST (tank/dps/healer) DONE FOR YOUR MAIN.
    We can do all Datacenter PC/STEAM, please feel free to contact us for any questions !!
    Estimated done within 2-3 days.
    If you have questions or would like a custom services , feel free to send us a message via DISCORD
    Please double check discord names & tags before you add us.
    we only have bo#3000 as our discord contact.Thank you ^^


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