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Member since September 29, 2017
#3307669 50 mil $ + unlock + any lvl +max stats +K/D +bunker Research
  • Platform PC
  • Seller's guaranteed time of delivery 1 hours
  • Quantity 819
    1 = US $3.90
    US $3.90
    WOR Token rebate points given upon completion of your purchase. It can be redeemed for Store Credit. 78


    [The Safest method exists]
    50 mil Dollars. Simple as that. Less than 2% banrate of 4500+ sales.
    We'll need to log your account to deliver the money, so be ready to provide your acc info after buying.
    [PC only]

    For inquiries, please contact me via
    Skype: Wizik3
    Discord : BuddhaBoost#7720 - its for easy find me in discord
    Aslo in future in discord group will be discount announcements etc.

    Whatsapp: +380661517250

    Question / Answer

    1.:How its works?
    ~ You place your order, and in note
    depends were game buy from steam or club ? write username/login password / and lvl what you want

    2: Can you give your social club login password if game is bought from steam?
    ~ Nope. If Game is bought from Steam you need to give your username and password from steam

    3: How can i make my Steam safe?
    ~ Turn on family view in steam [Add GTA 5 Only] -

    4: I have Steam guard, do i need to turn it off?
    ~ Nope. when we login you can give code for login.

    5: How much time is needed for the order to be done?
    ~ Standard time 30 min for 1 billion

    6:Is there a chance of being banned?
    ~ from July 23 (Casino release) they update Anti cheat. So we working each day on safe method. Ban rate ~ 5%

    7: What lvl you can give me ?
    ~ We can do any lvl from 1 to 7999


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