Gamer Protect GamerProtect is a combination of multiple state of the art systems developed and designed through a decade of anti-fraudulent measures, derived from real-time hands on in dealing with fraudulent behaviours and countering countless fraudulent matrixes. This includes stringent user velocity & consistency verification procedures that identify potential fraud that could occur within each chain of trade. With GamerProtect, G2G ensures integrity & security in all your transactions made, allowing you peace of mind every time.
Feel confident each time you transact with us. GamerProtect comes with SSL protection and wide range of payment processors under a safe and secured platform. With the added customer support services and money-back guarantee option, you can purchase your goods with ease and worry-free experience.
What You See Is What You Get
GamerProtect ensures that sellers will complete your order as described. Should there be any discrepancies towards your order, we will investigate and resolve the matter at hand for you. If the seller is unable to fulfill your request or facing difficulties, rest assured that refunds will be provided in accordance to our refund policy.
Disciplined Transactions
All transactions are closely monitored by a team of highly experienced virtual traders in GamerProtect. You are rest assured that your goods will be delivered consistently and efficiently in a secured environment. To further improve your trading experience, our system comes with a real time communication chat that allows you to communicate with the seller directly.
100% Transparent Seller Ratings
Customer could assess a seller's reputation with the feedback and reputation system on GamerProtect. Ratings will be provided to the sellers based on customer's feedback upon successful transaction. One of the key features of GamerProtect are to at utmost level, provide reliability, trustworthiness and service excellence rendered to our buyers and sellers. This system is in place for a reliable and hassle-free online trading experience.
How we protect Buyer
1. GamerProtect receives order.
2. Customer and seller confirms     successful transaction.
3. Seller receives payment.
Sell your stuff on our platform with peace of mind and leave the worrying part to us. GamerProtect will handle all necessary verification and sellers could solely focus on their trades. Guaranteed payments on successful trades and with added protection against chargeback and payment fraud, sellers are fully covered by GamerProtect. Assistance is always available 24/7 from our support team whenever you need it.
100% Payment Fraud & Chargeback Protection
GamerProtect system scans through each and every transaction initiated by any buyer. Through this process, each transaction being accepted by the system carries a much increased level of integrity of a genuine buyer. This will prevent the sellers from encountering possible complications or fraud. In the event of a fraud, we will absorb that risk from our end and keep sellers from damages.
Guaranteed Payment For Sellers
Guaranteed payment for sellers are assured for every confirmed and successful transaction (*conditions applied).
Zero Fees listing
To further reduce sellers' risks, all products listing are of a 'Free-To-List' where there is absolutely no fees charged for any product listing. With this, sellers can list as many of products without incurring any additional and unnecessary costs of sale. Find out more information on Seller Fees Structure.
Reputation Protection
GamerProtect provides a unique rating system where sellers could only feedback and rate upon each successful trade. This ensures there are no unregulated ratings or defamation of a genuine seller, and will greatly increase a buyer's decision in selecting products from your listing.
How we protect Seller
1. Buyer check out     product and select     payment method.
2. GamerProtect     filters customer     integrity and     confirms positive     customer integrity.
3. Seller delivers     product with a     peace of mind.
4. Customer and     seller confirms     successful     transaction.
5. Fraudulent buyer     chargeback,     GamerProtect     assists all disputes &     chargeback.