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FIFA 16 was released to European and North American markets by EA Games in September of 2015 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android and iOS. Sporting detailed graphics, new game mechanics and major innovations, the game received excellent reviews as both a single-player product and an MMORPG.

Meant to simulate professional football ("soccer") team ownership and competition, FIFA 16 provides new non-competitive activities -- such as Training Mode -- to help develop the virtual players' skills. Perhaps the biggest innovation, however, is the inclusion of female players. Thanks to an online petition from Spanish football player, Veronica Boquete, FIFA 16 has -- for the first time in its long tenure -- broken new ground.  This definitely drew the gaming community's attention, garnering praise from critics and the general public alike.

FIFA 16 is a very rich and engaging game, but getting the most out of your experience requires FUT Coins. While the developers initially give you 500 FIFA 16 coins to work with, it's not nearly enough to cover the packs and bonuses that players need to be competitive online. Although these FIFA coins are earnable through repetitively farming in single player mode, many people want to jump right in and take on other human beings; however, this can be tricky without boosts and bonuses.

Gamer to Gamer can help. G2G is a site that gives players access to the cheapest FIFA FUT coins in a safe, secure marketplace. Clients can buy FUT from us to speed up their game progression or sell the FIFA coins for real money. 

Why G2G is the Best Place to Buy FIFA 16 FUT Coins

While EA Games offers an online store where players can buy FUT coins for their FIFA accounts, the prices simply don't compare to the cheap sales available through Gamer to Gamer.

G2G offers three main benefits that players won't find in the FUT store. First, EA's store fixes its prices, so there's no room for bargaining. Gamer to Gamer gives sellers control by letting them decide what to charge.

Second, there's no medium for selling excess coins to EA -- a big deal for those looking to earn extra cash. After all, making money while playing a great game is nothing short of a win-win situation.

Finally, communication is important where purchases or sales are concerned. While it's possible to contact EA, a response won't come immediately. Gamer to Gamer, however, offers an instant messaging service so that buyers and sellers can communicate directly. No money or FUT will change hands until both parties reach an agreement.

Let G2G save you from endless farming, so that you can quickly game your way to the top.

Safely Buy FIFA 16 FUT Coins with Gamer to Gamer

Security is our highest priority at G2G, and the measures we take speak for themselves. For starters, all buyers and sellers have online reviews attached to their usernames, similar to major commercial sites like eBay. That way, players know they're dealing with the right person.

Of course, even the most reputable buyers and sellers can slip up. As a safety net, Gamer to Gamer guarantees all of its transactions. We enforce every trade to make sure both sides get what they came for. In extreme situations, G2G even offers full refunds on all of its sales.

Gamer to Gamer appreciates your business, and we'll be cheering from the bleachers as you progress to the top. Thanks for choosing G2G!

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