Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1 Month Membership Card for Sale

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a membership program from Xbox that has all the latest and greatest benefits out of all its offerings. It includes access to more than 100 high quality video games, EA Play membership, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

What's so great about it is that it also gives you all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, such as:

•Multiplayer mode capability
•Special discounts
•Early access to new games
•Monthly free games

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is perfect for those who want the absolute best service when playing the console. Therefore, buying the gift card for yourself or fellow hardcore Xbox players is a great idea considering you don't have to subscribe to them separately and can save money.

Are you ready to enhance your Xbox experience? It's time to buy a Game Pass Ultimate gift card! Rather than subscribing to the program endlessly, you could just limit your membership by getting a gift card that suits your needs.

G2G has several Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership duration available:

•Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 12 Months Membership
•Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 6 Months Membership
•Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Months Membership
•Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1 Month Membership

Where to Buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1 Month Membership Card

If you want to get the best deal on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gift cards, G2G is the place you have to check out! Not only do we offer them for a cheaper price than the official store, but we also have some of the most competitive pricing on the market.

All you need to do is pick the seller that you see fit that can give you the best customer service. To help you with it, you can check their profile to see the rating or reach out to them via G2G Chat.

After you find your seller, choose one of 200+ payment options available on our platform to pay them. This is a way for us to show our commitment to enable you to shop with us no matter where you are from.

Most importantly, your transactions are securely processed on our platform thanks to the GamerProtect feature. It is our proprietary system that utilizes robust security protocols to encrypt your data and protect you against scams.

How to Redeem Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Membership Card

There are two possible ways to redeem your membership card depending on the device you use. If you use an Xbox console:

1. Make sure that you're signed in with the Microsoft account that you want to use Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership in.
2. Head to the Store app and press the View button so the side menu appears.
3. Choose Redeem.
4. Input the number from the G2G seller and follow the remaining instructions.

If you want to redeem the code on your browser, follow this instruction:

1. Go to and make sure you're logged in.
2. Simply enter the 25-digit code and click Redeem.

Now your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership has started. Enjoy!

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Membership Gift Card

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