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World of Warcraft Time Card

What is World of Warcraft Time Card

World of Warcraft Time Card is a redeemable card that allows you to play WoW for a certain period of time. There are several time spans to choose from and the longer the duration, the more expensive the card is.

Since World of Warcraft is a subscription-based game, WoW Card becomes relevant and extremely sought after. With it, players will be able to limit their playing time and save money instead rather than spending cash every month to subscribe.

If that's what you want to do, you should consider buying a World of Warcraft Card now. There are thousands of offers on the internet but we'll explain why you should purchase it from G2G.

Where to Buy WoW Time Card

You should check the G2G catalog of WoW Cards if you want to buy the gift card for a cheap price on a secure platform. We provide a wide range of denominations that allows you to play World of Warcraft however long you like.

What's great, our sellers have been selling gift cards for years so you can expect nothing less than stellar customer service. They will send the redeemable code as soon as you have made your payment and help you if you run into problems.

If you're not sure yet, simply check their profile rating first and talk with them via G2G chat to see if you can trust them.

Even if you have disputes or issues with your time card, our customer support team is ready 24/7 to help you resolve them.

Once you're done choosing your Time Card, making a purchase on G2G is very easy because you have more than 200 payment options so you can shop safely from anywhere around the world.

And whichever method you pick, it will be protected by strong SSL encryption from our GamerProtect feature.

How to Buy WoW Time Card on G2G

Follow these steps to purchase a World of Warcraft Card on G2G:

1. Log in to your G2G account. If you don't have one, register yours first.
2. Search for the WoW Card denomination and seller according to your preference.
3. Choose how many time cards you want and click Buy Now.
4. Pick your preferred payment method and click Pay Now.

Your World of Warcraft code will be sent immediately to your email address or G2G account.

How to Redeem WoW Time Card

The redemption process is easy:

1. Go to Battle Net website and log in to your Blizzard account.
2. Choose the Account Overview menu and hit Redeem a code.
3. Input the code that was sent by the G2G seller and click Redeem Code.

Congratulations, now you can play World of Warcraft with the remaining duration of your time card.

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