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We bet you can tell what this game is about from its name. Right, World of Tanks is a multiplayer online game that mainly focuses on tanks battles. This game was developed by Wargaming and officially released in 2011.

This game is going to put your strategic thinking skills to the test. You will experience an intense warfare battle using a heavy tank as the primary weapon. Hence, strong and measured tactical planning is required to achieve a greater victory.

Apart from that, World of Tanks emphasized the historical aspects of World War II. You are going to find a bunch of World War II's best war machines in this game. Now, pick a tank that fits you, and don't let your enemy destroy your tank.

To enhance your battle experience, you can buy certain items using Gold. These items include premium tanks, premium accounts, and vehicles. Gold can be obtained by either purchasing it or complete a mission.

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World of Tanks Gold

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