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Buy Valorant Gift Card - G2G

Valorant Gift Card, also known as Valorant Points Gift Card, is a redeemable card that contains a fixed amount of money. With the balance inside the card, you can buy Valorant Points, which allows you to get all kinds of in-game items.

As Valorant releases new variations of weapons, skins, and characters, the urge to get VP becomes increasingly higher every day. The more VP you have, the cooler your character will be so whether you're buying a Valorant gift card for yourself or someone else, it will be very useful for the recipient.

The amount of VP that you can get will vary depending on the Valorant gift card you choose. Lucky for you, G2G offers a wide variety of denominations, from $5 to $100. That means you can pick one according to your needs or based on which item you want to get.

As for the exchange rate, the $25 gift card can give you around 2500 Valorant Points. With that value, you'll be able to afford several items in the game. Isn't that great?

Where You Should Buy Valorant Gift Cards

G2G is one of the best places on the web to buy Valorant Gift Cards from. That's because we have everything it takes to give our customer the best buying experience, from pricing to security.

No matter which Valorant gift card denomination you want, our trusted sellers can give you the most competitive price in the industry. And because it's a digital gift card, you can expect to receive it minutes after your purchase is completed.

To give you more peace of mind when shopping, G2G website is also equipped with robust security technology, like GamerProtect. What it does is encrypt your payment and protect you from frauds.

And speaking of payment, we have more than 200 options to choose from, allowing you to buy our product safely from almost anywhere around the world.

How to Redeem a Valorant Gift Card

Follow these steps to complete your Valorant Gift Card redemption.

1. Log in to your Valorant game client and click on the Valorant icon located next to the Store tab.
2. Choose the Prepaid Cards & Codes option.
3. Input the code that is provided by the G2G seller.
4. Hit "Submit".

Great, now enjoy your Valorant Points!

Valorant Gift Card

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