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Forget grinding. Forget limitations. In Throne and Liberty, Lucent is your ticket to an epic power play. This in-game currency fuels your rise to power, unlocking a world of possibilities within the breathtaking realm of Telos.

Here's what you can get by purchasing Throne and Liberty Lucent:

Gear & Equipment:
• Top-tier armor and weapons
• Enchantments and Refinements
• Consumables and Potions

Resources & Materials:
• Rare crafting materials
• Vehicles and Mounts
• Land and Property

Social & Guild Advancement:
• Guild contributions and donations
• Social events and celebrations
• Cosmetic items and customization

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About Throne and Liberty

Welcome to THRONE AND LIBERTY, a free-to-play MMORPG that takes place in the vast open world of Solisium. You can scale expansive mountain ranges for new vantage points, scan open skies, traverse sprawling plains, and explore a land full of depth and opportunity. Adapt your fight to survive and thrive through strategic decisions in PvP, PvE, or both as you encounter evolving battlefields impacted by weather, time of day, and other players. There is no single path to victory as you seek to defeat Kazar and claim the throne while keeping rival guilds at bay.

Throne and Liberty Lucent