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Released in December 2011 to stellar reviews, Star Wars: The Old Republic was a revolutionary step in the MMORPG genre. In addition to the usual MMO dynamics, such as questing, crafting, trading and PvP, SWTOR included in-depth storytelling that that had never been seen in an online game. This made it the most expensive MMO ever developed, at over $200 million U.S. With everything going on in Star Wars: The Old Republic and its massive recent expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, obtaining credits is critical. Speeders, armor, weapons, supplies and anything in between can require a lot of currency. Naturally, this might mean a lot of time spent farming for credits. With SWTOR's switch from a subscription MMO to free-to-play, players are now able to purchase in-game money through the Cartel Store. However, G2G offers SWTOR credits at the best prices, far below the game's limited online source. Gamer to Gamer provides a safe, secure marketplace for players to buy and sell their credits. We help players get the credits they need, directly connecting buyers and sellers in a fun, reliable site. In short, G2G guarantees the best trades and offers on Star Wars: The Old Republic credits.

What Makes G2G the Best Place to Buy SWTOR Credits?

Unlike the Cartel Store, which has fixed prices on Cartel Coins for credits, G2G lets players set their own costs, creating a competitive environment. This ensures that buyers will always find excellent trades and offers.

Anyone who purchases items from the game developer probably knows that communication isn't exactly direct. If you have a problem or a question regarding the Cartel Store, it could take several business days to hear back. This is definitely not the case with Gamer to Gamer.

Because G2G is a medium for buyers and sellers to interact privately, we offer an instant messaging service, so that people can communicate in real-time. Consequently, this results in a much more streamlined, faster purchasing process.

Safely Buy Star Wars Credits at G2G

Gamer to Gamer wants you to have the best possible experience. To facilitate this, our administrators closely monitor transactions to ensure that every purchase is legitimate and fair. We also allow players to review each other after each purchase, so players can see their prospective clients' rating before buying or selling. On the rare occasion where something goes wrong, G2G offers refunds on all of its purchases. The last thing we want is for you to lose your hard-earned credits or money. Thank you so much for choosing Gamer to Gamer, and may the Force be with you!

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