Buy Razer Gold Pin

A different way for gamers around the world to purchase their favorite games, in-game currency, and more is through the Razer Gold Pin, such as:

•Razer Gold $20 US
•Razer Gold $50 US
•Razer Gold $100 US
•Razer Gold $50 Global
•Razer Gold $100 Global

It is basically the universal virtual currency for gamers and acts like a digital wallet.

Using Razer Gold for your purchases is a simple and secure alternative, and the greatest part is the bonuses you will be able to get along with your orders.

Your purchases will earn you exclusive game offers and Razer Silver. Redeem your Razer Silver to purchase Razer hardware, get discounts for your next purchase, and other benefits.

Razer Gold offers more than 2,500 games, various in-game items, and entertainment content for you, meaning that you will never run out of fun! Start shopping with Razer Gold pin or gift it to fellow hardcore gamers!

Where to Buy Razer Gold Pin

The best marketplace to buy Razer Gold Pin is on G2G, here is why.

G2G provides selections of different prices from our reputable sellers to match your budget. On top of that, we provide more than 200+ payment options globally.

We will make your purchases easy to do with our convenient platform features. One of them is GamerProtect, which uses robust SSL encryption technology to secure your transactions.

G2G will also provide you with friendly and dedicated customer service at any time you are in need of any help!

Save your time and your money. Buy Razer Gold Pin from G2G now!

How to Activate Razer Gold Pin

After you purchase Razer Gold Pin, you can activate it by following these instructions:

1. Go to and login to your Razer gold account
2. Click "Reload Now" and select Razer Gold PIN as your payment method
3. Enter the PIN and click next
4. Finally, complete the 2-step authentication

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Razer Gold Pin

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