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Originally released in 2001, OS was one of the early ancestors of the modern MMORPG. Unlike current mainstream MMOs, os was played directly through a web browser, so purchasing and installing a hard copy wasn't required. By 2004, RS 2 was released, sporting better graphics and new gameplay features, among other things. Eventually, the name changed to os with the original version being labeled RS Classic. From 2007 to 2014, RS underwent various improvements and updates; however, many gamers missed the old 2007 version and requested -- by popular vote -- to have it available as a separate game. It was then dubbed Oldschool RS (os) or os Gold (RS Gold). Some also refer to it as RS 2007. Regardless of which name players choose, one thing is universal -- gold is very tough to obtain in this game.

Unlike many MMORPGs, where gold is readily available through quests or low-level gathering, RS Gold restricts players from mining gold until they hit level 40. While this mechanic is an excellent motivator for players to work their way up, it's also brutal if they don't have the time to invest in grinding and farming to level a character. Further, there's no in-game store, so gold is unavailable through microtransactions, unlike many current MMORPGs. Without the valuable gold bars created from gathering gold ore, gaining access to the best items and materials becomes a marathon.

Not to worry, because Gamer to Gamer is here. G2G provides a safe, secure marketplace where players can buy and sell os gold at the cheapest prices available. Through our site, buyers and sellers have access to sales, trades and offers unavailable anywhere else.

What Makes G2G the Best Place to Buy os Gold?

Gamer to Gamer hosts services that the game developers can't offer. We don't just provide gold sales, but we allow players to set their own prices and trade between each other. This generates competition, ensuring the cheapest gold available as people compete for business.

At G2G, we strongly care about communication. Nothing is more fustrating than trying to get in touch with a staff member and getting some variation of "expect a response within 48 hours". On our site, that simply won't do. We want exchanges to be direct and in real-time. To facilitate this, Gamer to Gamer provides an instant messaging service to put buyers and sellers in direct contact with each other. Our goal is to make sales as seamless as possible so that people can get their os gold without a fuss. One transaction with us and it'll be clear why G2G is the best place to buy os gold.

Safely Buy os Gold at G2G

Gamer to Gamer expects all gold trades to go well; however, we understand that some players might not be very honest during their purchases or sales. Not to worry, because all of our clients are subject to player reviews. Reliable os gold buyers and sellers can be evaluated by their fellow participants, which are in turn displayed next to their usernames. This makes it easy to focus on good customers and avoid the bad ones.

The last thing G2G wants is for players to lose their gold or money because of a bad sale. This is why -- for customer safety -- we guarantee, monitor and enforce our transactions. Should anything go wrong, our site offers refunds on all exchanges. With us, nobody walks away empty-handed.

Gamer to Gamer thanks you for your business, and wishes you the best of luck in your os experience. Thanks for choosing G2G!

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Extra info : Announced on 2017 os will have mobile client too – it is not a separate version of the game. The interfaces will be optimised for mobile, and there'll be persistent cross-platform play with the desktop version. Good news for every unescape players!
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