Buy Nintendo Switch Online Membership Card

Step up your Nintendo Switch gaming adventure with the Switch Online membership. This premium service packs additional features that no regular player can enjoy, such as:

•Online multiplayer mode
•Special offers
•NES games with online mode
•Cloud data save

Sounds wonderful, right? What's great is that Nintendo Switch Online is very affordable so purchasing it seems like an essential thing for a switch player.

Nevertheless, you can get it at an even cheaper price if you buy the membership card instead of subscribing to the program.

Want to learn more about the offer? Check out our catalog of Nintendo Switch 12 Month and 3 month membership!

Where to Buy Nintendo Switch Online 3 Month Membership Card

G2G has been a trusted marketplace for many kinds of digital needs since 2016. And now, with the rise of game-related memberships, we also offer the digital version of them at a very competitive price.

At G2G, we host dozens of trusted sellers from around the globe so it is easy for you to get the best offer on Nintendo Switch Online. To help you choose the right one, we encourage you to check their profile rating or talk to them via G2G chat.

Once you're ready to make a purchase, our marketplace is packed with more than 200+ payment methods so you can shop virtually from anywhere. What's great, your payment will be protected with GamerProtect, a security feature that encrypts your transactions and protects you against scams.

How to Redeem Nintendo Switch Online Membership Card

Follow these easy steps to complete your Nintendo Switch Online redemption process:

1. From your Nintendo console, open Nintendo eShop from the Home menu.
2. Select the account you want to use Nintendo Switch Online on.
3. Hit "Redeem Code" at the top left.
4. Input the code that you get from the G2G seller and click "Confirm".

Great, now you have activated your Nintendo Switch Online Membership!

Nintendo Switch Online Membership

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