What is NetEase Pudding Pay?

NetEase Pudding Pay, also known as NetEase Pay is an e-pin payment provided by the giant Chinese game company, NetEase. This e-pin is similar to gift cards, which holds a certain amount of balance that can be used to buy in-game items in NetEase games.

However, instead of just giving digits, NetEase will provide you with a card number and password. The combo will be used when you want to redeem the balance.

Buy Cheap NetEase Pudding Pay

There are many world-renowned titles developed by NetEase, such as Onmyoji, Identity V, Knives Out, LifeAfter, and so on. Most of them, however, use some form of microtransaction to enable you to get premium items in the game.

That's where NetEase Pay shines. With the balance inside the e-pin, you can top up any games released by the developer. In other words, you have an all-in-one digital wallet that you can use for many games.

If you play many games from NetEase, having NetEase Pay is a must. What's great is that now it is available in a digital form so you can buy it online without having to go to China or wait for your physical card to arrive.

G2G, as a world-leading digital marketplace, offers various denominations of NetEase Pay. You can get it from the lowest to the highest balance in the market, should you need it for future use.

Another benefit of buying NetEase Pay on G2G is that the price is cheaper than the official store or physical card. It means you can save more money, while also having fun with your games!

Why You Should Buy NetEase Pay on G2G

Buying NetEase Pay on G2G is safe, quick, and convenient and our marketplace is packed with features that can make it possible.

For example, we have a security technology called GamerProtect. This is designed to give you peace of mind when shopping with us by securing your transactions using SSL encryption and protecting you against fraud.

It is also easy for you to pick the right seller on our platform. Simply use our chat feature and seller rating system to determine which one can potentially give you the best customer service.

Once it's done, you can go ahead and finish the transaction to receive the code as soon as possible. We provide more than 200 payment options so that you'll be able to purchase NetEase Pay from anywhere in the world.

How to Redeem NetEase Pay Code

Follow these simple steps to redeem your NetEase Pay or NetEase Pudding Pay Code:

1. Visit the code redemption page of one of the NetEase games. For example:
Identity V
Onmyoji Arena
Marvel Duel
2. Select your server and input your User ID, then click "Confirm Account".
3. Choose NetEase Pay as your recharge method.
4. Pick the recharge amount that you want to top up.
5. Select "Top Up" or "Next" and then input the NetEase Pay card number and password to redeem it.

Great, your NetEase Pay has been redeemed. Enjoy!

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