Lumia Saga is a lighthearted and very first 3D open-world MMORPG mobile game with the cutest art-style ever! Free-to-build personalized equipment! When you start the game you'll choose from one of eight classes but you'll be able to switch this at any point. These are Knight, Swordsman, Guardian, Adjudicator, Mage, Warlock, Scholar and Oracle. Each class will have various strengths and weaknesses you'll have to mitigate by teaming up with other players who've chosen a different path to you. These will offer bonuses outside of combat, similar to most crafting/gathering professions in other MMORPGs. Adventurous instances with the raid expedition team. Strategical PvP & Massive Battles. There are reportedly over 300 different skins to kit them out in alongside several pets, mounts and craftable gear. Equipment can also be buffed by infusing it with magical cores which are obtained by besting various beasties in battle. The skin of your equipment will then change depending on which cores you use to create the buff.

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