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Buy LifeAfter Top Up

Credit is an in-game currency in LifeAfter which allows you to purchase paid virtual items within the game. Each item costs a different amount of Credit so be sure to check out the price before you buy Credit. It is also available in any denomination, starting from +60 to +6000 Credits.

LifeAfter comes with a bunch of epic items that are meant to raise the chance of your survival in the harsh post-apocalyptic world. By using Credit, you can get access to those exclusive items like basic materials, weapons, or gas masks. Plants and skill points can also be bought using Credit.

Thinking of buying LifeAfter Credits? You can get them in two ways: from NetEase's official store or a reliable online marketplace. If you are looking for a cheaper price, it's highly recommended to buy from an online marketplace like G2G.

Why You Should Buy LifeAfter Top Up on G2G?

G2G hosts over a hundred trusted sellers from around the world which majorly offer affordable prices you can find in the market. Our goal is to make your transaction run as smoothly as possible, that's why we provide several useful features like Chat and GamerProtect.

To make your purchase more convenient, there are more than 200 payment options available in 18 currencies. This way, your transaction is much safer because you don't need to fill in your credit card details when paying.

If you encounter problems when buying LifeAfter Top Up, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer service. They are available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide you with further assistance.

How to Buy LifeAfter Top Up on G2G

Buying LifeAfter Top Up on G2G is a piece of cake. Here are the ways to buy it:

1. Log into your G2G account or sign up if you haven't registered.
2. Enter "LifeAfter Top Up" in the search bar and the catalog will appear.
3. Choose which seller you want to buy from.
4. Click "Buy Now" and insert your LifeAfter ID and Server to proceed with the purchase.
5. Complete the payment and the seller will deliver the Credit to your LifeAfter account.

About LifeAfter

LifeAfter is an open-world survival game that was released in February 2019. This game is the English version of the famous Chinese game "The Day After Tomorrow".

At its initial release, LifeAfter is only available on the PlayStore and iOS. Shortly after, the developer decided to make this game available on PC. LifeAfter gained huge success in China after it entered the market in November 2018.

Using a third-person perspective, the players must find a way to stay alive after a mysterious virus has engulfed the world. From finding a place to build shelters to food hunting, the only thing you can rely on is your guts and instinct.


Q: How to find my LifeAfter account ID?
A: First, launch the LifeAfter app from your mobile device and then log in to your account. Second, tap the "Settings" option on the top right side of the screen and your account ID will be displayed.

Q: What should I do if I don't receive my LifeAfter Credits?
A: If you have purchased LifeAfter Credits but haven't received them yet, please contact the sellers first. They may be able to provide you with more information about the status of your order. If that doesn't help either, feel free to contact our customer service team for further assistance.

Q: Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
A: No, you cannot get a refund unless you didn't receive your order or the product you've received doesn't match the product description.

Q: What can I buy with LifeAfter Credits?
A: Here are some in-game items you can buy using Credits:
     •Gear and equipment.
     •Basic materials

Q: Does LifeAfter Credits expire?
A: No, it will not expire no matter how and when you top up. The Credits will remain in your account for as long as you need them. So, you can accumulate them over time and use them whenever you want.

LifeAfter Top Up

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