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Buy League of Legends Boosts at the Best Prices With Gamer to Gamer

Released in October of 2009, League of Legends (LOL) is a free-to-play MMORPG. Unlike may of its mainstream counterparts, LOL used the "freemium" model that has become increasingly popular today. The game is funded by microtransactions, rather than subscription fees. This was well-received, both for its free-to-play model and overall gameplay.

While some MMOs allow players to work solo if they wish, LOL is a strictly team-based game. Players start off as a "summoner", using a character called a "champion". Each champion has its own special strengths and abilities, which players then employ in combat as they fight to destroy the other team's base structure called a "nexus". The nexus is well-defended, requiring a great deal of strategy, co-operation and efficient use of character skills.

Despite being several years old, LOL is still incredibly popular, with millions of players competing against each other, including in tournaments where real money is at stake. One problem for new or experienced players alike is the automated ranking system, or ELO. While it's a helpful automated way to match players evenly, it's a killer if you want to progress or have a string of bad matches.

G2G can help. ELO boosting is an effective way to move you up in the ranks without the hassle of fighting your way to the top. We provide a safe, secure marketplace where players can buy and sell ELO boosting at the cheapest prices.

What Makes G2G the Best Place to Buy League of Legends Boosts?

Gamer to Gamer offers services unavailable through LOL microtransactions. G2G not only allows players to buy and sell their ELO, but it also gives them the freedom to set their own ELO boosting prices. Clients have full control, ensuring that they get the best value for their sales. Because of this practice, ELO boosting prices remain competitive, giving buyers plenty of choices that fit their budget.

At G2G, communication matters. In most games, getting in touch with customer service can be very inconvenient. Even if you get through, it could take hours or days before you get a response -- not the case with Gamer to Gamer. We want our valued gamers to be able to communicate effectively and in real-time. To that end, our site offers an instant messaging service, where buyers and sellers can freely contact each other and get the responses they need, when they need them. G2G intends to make buying and selling as seamless as possible, so you can purchase or sell ELO boosting quickly and easily. All it takes is one transaction with us, and it will be quite clear why Gamer to Gamer is the best place to buy League of Legends boost.

Safely Buy ELO Boosting at Gamer to Gamer

G2G intends for all our ELO boosting sales to go well; however, we understand that some players may not always play by the rules. Gamer to Gamer does not take this lightly, which is why buyers and sellers can publicly rate each other on our site. This guarantees that gamers only deal with people they can trust.

Under no circumstances do we want our clients to lose money in a bad LOL boosting sale. For the purpose of safety and good faith, our administrators guarantee, monitor and enforce all transactions. If things don't work out, our site will give a full refund.

As always, Gamer to Gamer thanks you for your business and we wish you the best of luck in your League of Legends battles. Thanks for choosing G2G!

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