Buy Johren Credits Online

Johren Credits are virtual currency that can be redeemed to purchase games and in-game items on Johren website. When you purchase Johren Credits, you will be given a Johren Serial Codes which consist of numbers and letters. Redeem these codes on Johren website to get Johren Credits.

Use Johren Credits to access premium downloadable games or make an in-game purchase such as virtual items, upgrades, and more. With Johren Credits, it's easier to get multiple in-game items all at once instead of purchasing them individually.

Johren Credits are available in a variety of values, ranging from 500 to 30,000 credits. After redeeming the credits, they will remain in your account until you spend it because Johren Credits don't have an expiration date.

You will need a Johren account to use Johren Credits. Purchased credits can be seen from the "Credits Balance" section on your account. Getting Johren Credits is convenient and easy since you don't need to top up every time you want to purchase items.

Where to Buy Johren Credits

Johren Credits are available on G2G marketplace. Choose the value you want from our trusted sellers. Enjoy a safe shopping experience on our website, thanks to the GamerProtect feature. It covers your purchases as well as protect it from online threats using SSL encryption.

On top of that, G2G marketplace provides 200+ payment methods, which include e-wallet, bank transfer, and even cryptocurrency! With so many payment options to choose from, G2G provides all gamers' needs no matter where they live.

Most importantly, G2G marketplace is committed to bring you the best service possible. If you encounter any problems or have any questions, please contact our customer support via emails.

How to Activate Johren Credits

Follow these instructions below to redeem Johren Credits:

1. Go to Johren Credits Store and sign in with your account. Create an account first if you don't have one.
2. Scroll down to the "Add Credits" section.
3. Type in the Johren Serial Code.
4. Click "Use Code".

Congrats! Now Johren Credits are added to your balance! The amount of credits is visible next to the credits icon on the header of any page on Johren website while you're logged in.

About Johren

Johren is an online gaming platform that offers free and premium games from Japan. The games are available in English and Traditional Chinese. Fans of Japanese games around the world will surely enjoy the offers and benefits from Johren!

The word "Johren" comes from Japanese (常連) which means "regular customer". Johren offers free online games such as Touken Ranbu ONLINE, ReBless Zwei English ver, Legeclo: Legend Clover, and KAMIHIME PROJECT.

If you prefer games with exclusive content, Johren provides premium selections that you can buy, such as Duel Princess, Dawn of Kagura: Keika's Story (English), and YumeutsutsuRe:Master EN ver.

New titles will be added to Johren's catalog every month, alongside exciting game events and campaigns. Games on Johren can be played online on PC or mobile. Enjoy free and premium games on Johren!

Johren Credits

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