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What Is Google Play Card?

Google Play Card is a type of prepaid stored-value money card. Issued by Google Play, Google Play Cards are used only to make purchases on Google PlayStore as an alternative to cash.

Having a Google Play Card means access to thousands of different Android apps and games. Google Play Card is not as versatile as other payment options as it is limited to some of the Google Play purchases, still, it is an entertainment-filled and useful card.

Later in this article, you’ll be able to find out the usefulness of the Google Play Card.

How Do Google Play Card Works & Why It Is Useful?

It is believed that Google Play Cards truly add value to users in a variety of ways.

Google Play Cards can be redeemed and once done, you can use it to buy apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books. As we all know that Google PlayStore is different from Google Store. So, Google Play Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase physical items from Google Store.

However, you can redeem a Google Play card in several ways for the things available at Google PlayStore.

Getting straight to the point, Google Play gift cards are mainly used to pay for apps, music, and more on Google PlayStore.

Not just that, Google Play Gift Cards can also be used for donations, Netflix, Youtube TV, buying books and movies, and premium apps on Google Play.

Recently, Google has restricted underage user accounts from Google Pay, this is where Google Play Cards work. The best thing about Google Play Card is that users of any age can use this to make purchases on Google Play. To redeem Google Play Card, a Google Payments account and internet access are required.

The Best Place To Buy Google Play Card

To use in the Google Play Store, you can buy Google Play Cards from several stores near you or even you can buy them online.

Right now, there are two ways to buy Google Play Gift Cards.

•In Store
It is worth noting that different Google Play Cards distributors require different minimum card purchases for online Google Play Gift Card purchases. However, G2G does not require minimum card purchases. You can buy even one gift card for as little as $10 or hundreds of Google Play Cards with a price of $100 each. In short, there’s no limit at all.

Let’s have a look!

Buy Google Play Gift Cards on

G2G is one of the most trusted platforms to buy Google Play Card or any game items/accounts. The thing worth praising about G2G is that it verifies the authenticity of the ID of both selling and buying parties. Moreover, their prices are cheap as compared to other selling platforms with fast delivery. You will find many quality sellers on G2G. The insurance policy of G2G helps to recover the funded amount in case of any scam or hacking. G2G sells items for both android and IOS devices.

Also, there are no hidden fees and expiration dates for Google Play Gift Cards at G2G.

For more information, please visit

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