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Google Play Gift Cards Online - G2G

Explore a world of endless entertainment using a Google Play gift card, ranging from your go-to games to the necessary apps to accompany your daily life. Use Google Play gift card and redeem it on the Google Play Store or the App Store for Android and access a wide variety of apps, games, and more!

G2G will offer you various denominations of Google Play Gift Card online to choose from. The offers vary from $10 to $100 provided by our trusted sellers from all over the world. Get the best and most affordable deal for Google Play gift cards on G2G, now!

Why You Should Get a Google Play Gift Card

By purchasing a Google Play gift card deals from G2G, you will be able to buy millions of games and apps available on the Play Store without having to own a credit card. You can also use your Google Play balance however and whenever you’d like as it has no expiration dates.

Not only that, using a gift card also makes it easier for you to monitor your expenses. Simply buy the balance based on your needs and you won't spend too much money on Play Store mindlessly.

One extra benefit of buying a Google Play card is that you might have a chance of getting bonuses once you redeem the code. Wouldn't that be great?

Where to Buy Google Play Gift Cards

Among other platforms that offer Google Play Gift Card, G2G is still the best answer to this question. Let us tell you why.

G2G is the most affordable marketplace with various deals available. You can choose Google Play Gift Card based on your budget to save money!

It is also possible for you to make purchases from anywhere and anytime, as we provide you with more than 200+ payment methods globally.

The best thing is, on G2G you can shop safely as we provide you a special GamerProtect feature with our advanced SSL encryption technology.

How to Redeem Google Play Gift Card Balance

After you purchase Google Play Gift Card, you can activate it by following these instructions:

1. Open the Google Play app on your device.
2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
3. Tap "Payments & subscriptions" and then "Redeem gift code".
4. Enter the code.

Get the best prices only G2G can provide!


Q: How long does it take for a Google Play gift card to expire?
A: This gift card does not have an expiration date. If you receive a refund for any amount spent on Google Play, that refunded amount will be added back to your Google Play balance and can be used for future purchases with this gift card, according to the terms of service.

Q: How do I check my Google Play gift card balance?
A: You can check the balance of your Google Play gift card in a few different ways:
     • On your Android device: Open the Google Play Store app, tap the three-line menu in the top-left corner, then select "Payment methods." Your gift card balance will be displayed at the top of the screen.
     • On your computer: Go to the Google Play Store website and sign in to your account. Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner, then select "Payments and subscriptions." Your gift card balance will be displayed under "Google Play balance."

Q: Is there a limit on Google Play Gift Cards?
A: The Google Play app has limits in place for how many gift cards you can add. Within 30 days, you can add up to 10 cards total and 5 cards per merchant. If you have multiple gift cards for a single merchant, you could ask the merchant to consolidate all of your gift cards into one card.

Q: Can a Google Play gift card be used anywhere?
A: Gift cards can only be used in the country they were purchased. See the gift card Terms of Service.

Q: Can two people use a Google Play Gift Card?
A: You cannot transfer your balance to a friend, but you can turn it into a digital gift for your loved ones!

Google Play Gift Card

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