Buy Final Fantasy XIV Game Time Card (30 Days)

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG that is developed and published by Square Enix. It is one of the biggest titles in the genre and it uses a subscription-based system which means you'll have to pay to play the game on a monthly basis.

To enjoy the latest and greatest update from Final Fantasy XIV, you can purchase a time card that allows you to play FFXIV for a certain period of time. With this digital item, you get to use all the features without any restrictions as long as you have already purchased the game and created an account.

G2G offers several FFXIV game time card options, including the 30 and 60 day ones. Get it to return to the realm of Eorzea where you can enhance your character further and complete as many quests as you like. You can enter the game either in solo or together with a party to make the gameplay more exciting.

Where to Buy Final Fantasy XIV Game Time Card

When it comes to buying FF14 game time cards, you need to pay attention to several factors including price, shopping experience, and availability. G2G, as one of the world's leading marketplace for gaming needs, can provide all of the above.

We have multiple game time card options for various server regions and they are offered at a very competitive price by trusted sellers around the world.

Our features are also designed to help you shop with us more safely and conveniently. G2G Chat can help you communicate with the seller before buying and our GamerProtect technology will encrypt your transactions and protect you against scams.

To top it all off, we have more than 200 payment methods available, allowing you to get the FFXIV time card from almost anywhere in the world.

How to Activate Final Fantasy XIV Game Time Card

Follow these instructions to redeem your FF14 time card's digital code:

1. Head to the Final Fantasy XIV's Mog Station.
2. Sign in to your Square Enix account. If you have multiple ones, choose the account you use to play Final Fantasy XIV.
3. Choose the "Service Account Dashboard" tab and click on the "Add Game Time Card" menu.
4. Enter the time card's code that was provided to you by the G2G seller.
5. Once done, click Next.

Congratulations on extending your game play time. Enjoy!

FFXIV Game Time Card

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