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FFXIV Gil For Sale

Final FantasyXIV has come a long way since its rather rough initial release, but the long grind of gathering FFXIV gil is one thing that hasn't changed. Obtaining FF14 gil takes a lot of time -- time that could otherwise be spent enjoying some of the game's content. With the release Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn and its expansion,Heavensward in August of 2013 and June 2015 respectively, you can either miss this great content while gil farming, or buy FF14 gil. There are plenty of places to choose from, but here at, we offer the best value and prices for those looking to purchase FFXIV gil.

In FF14, in-game currency is required for things like buying supplies, equipment and -- most importantly -- crafting. FFXIV gil is especially needed in large amounts when purchasing or creating higher tier items, like relic weapons. Accessing the right materials can cost a lot of money, and with this comes the need for farming -- a particularly tedious activity that's typical in most online games.This is where Gamer to Gamer comes in.

Let Help You Buy FFXIV Gil

We know perfectly well how difficult it can be to earn money in FFXIV. provides a secure marketplace for people to purchase FF14 gil at the cheapest possible prices.

We save players the trouble of that tedious gil grind, so that you can enjoy every aspect of the game as quickly as possible. One purchase is all it takes to save you hours of boring farming.

Perhaps you're in the opposite position, with tons of gil that you simply won't use. Don't let that virtual gold mine go to waste. Sell the FFXIV gil to your fellow gamers and turn that fake money into real cash!

Whether you purchase or sell gil, has you covered.

Safely Purchase FFXIV Gil

Besides our excellent prices, what makes the best place to buy FF14 gil? For starters, all of our sales, trades and offers are secured through our company's GamerProtect system. Specialists in this program monitor buyers and sellers during each transaction, ensuring that both parties' FFXIV gil exchange goes through without a hitch -- nobody gets shortchanged with us.

Of course, it's always good to know who you're dealing with on our site. In this case, we make it safe to purchase FFXIV gil by providing chat access between customers to make the process feel more direct. Still not sure? Feel free to check out a vendor's reputation through our feedback system.

At, we want to make sure you get the best deals in a safe trading environment.

Legendary Service With

Got a problem with a buyer or seller? Need help with another issue? Don't worry, because our site will always help. We thoroughly, successfully investigate any trouble that players might run into when buying FFXIV gil.

Of course, we'd be remiss not to offer refunds on all our transactions, so you'll never leave a purchase empty-handed.

We really appreciate your business and wish you all the best in your gaming endeavors. Thanks for choosing!

On 2018 OCT 12, FFXIV live the patch 4.41, the changes includes adjustments to Omega: Sigmascape (Savage) and PvP job actions. The patch name is called Prelude in Violet.

On 2019 July 2, FFXIV will launch it’s 3rd expansion with the expansion name “Shadowbringers”! FFXIV shadowbringers will introduce new story, new challenges, and new systems. To conquer the lands of Norvrandt (New area introduced by the expansion), FFXIV players can buy FF14 Gil with the cheapest possible price via from a huge list of reputable FFXIV Gil sellers!
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