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How to buy Everdale boosting ?

Everdale is a peaceful building game based on cooperation and friendship. The beating heart of Everdale is its unique, peaceful team gameplay. Begin by harvesting and selling resources, and building out your Village and trading for the best goods around. Your Village is actually part of a larger Valley, where you and nine other players work together to build a big, wondrous utopia. Play with your friends to build a society upon wits and cooperation. Farm and garden. Collect and craft. Trade and sell. Harvest and reap the rewards. Build your village and expand the tranquil lands that surround you. Upgrade and progress in a world with no invasions, no war and no losses. Simply let your villagers flourish in the land you've built up with your community. Collect and craft unique items to bring your dreams to life. In the Valley, you'll meet an eclectic cast of characters, make handcrafted goods and trade with merchants from far off lands. More still, you can jump into local adventures, and level up your villagers at the esteemed Valley Guilds.


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