Buy Discord Nitro Month Membership Key

Nitro is a paid membership program from the famous VoIP and social messaging platform Discord. The paying members will enjoy additional perks from the company, including:

1. EXTRA UPLOADING POWERS: You'll now be able to DOUBLE your file sharing powers all the way to a 100MB upload size!
2. EVEN GREATER HI-RES QUALITY VIDEO: Not only do you get to experience improved HD video when screen sharing from your desktop, you'll also be able to experience hi-res video with Go Live streaming at source.
3. NOT JUST ONE - BUT TWO SERVER BOOSTS: Power up your servers with 2 Server Boosts and share your love and support with your favorite communities!
4. Character cap per message is increased from 2000 to 4000!
5. Server limit is raised from 100 to 200!
6. GLOBAL USE OF CUSTOM STICKERS: Users who have Nitro will be able to use the custom stickers anywhere on Discord (other servers, direct messages, etc).
7. SERVER AVATARS: Personalize your identity beyond a Server Nickname. Set a different profile avatar in each of your servers!

On G2G, there are two duration options that you can choose–1-month and 1-year memberships.

Where to Buy Discord Nitro 1 Month Membership Key

If you want to get the best deal on Discord Nitro 1 Month membership, G2G is the place you have to check out! Not only do we offer them for a cheaper price than the official store, but we also have some of the most competitive pricing on the market.

All you need to do is pick the seller that you see fit that can give you the best customer service. To help you with it, you can check their profile to see the rating or reach out to them via G2G Chat.

After you find your seller, choose one of 200+ payment options available on our platform to pay them. This is a way for us to show our commitment to enable you to shop with us no matter where you are from.

Most importantly, your transactions are securely processed on our platform thanks to the GamerProtect feature. It is our proprietary system that utilizes robust security protocols to encrypt your data and protect you against scams.

How to Activate Discord Nitro 1 Month Membership Code

Follow these instructions to activate your Discord Nitro membership key:

1. Visit Discord and log in to your account.
2. On the left menu, choose Library.
3. Head to the "Gift Inventory" section.
4. Enter your 19-digit code and click the Redeem button.

Congrats, now your Discord Nitro Membership is active!

Discord Nitro Month Membership Key

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