Devil Hunter: Eternal War is a new thrilling MMORPG game by the folks at Century Game set in a world of gods and devils. The game is about a war between angels and devils, and it is your job to try and take down the devils (hence the name "Devil Hunters"). You'll have the ability to choose between four hunters, each with their own styles of attacks to suit your tastes. The Grand War between the Gorillas and Rocs has finally come to an epic conclusion but conflict is never ending. Experience a unique and gripping fantasy tale where you will play your part in the continuing battle for the Three Realms. You may begin a mere mortal, but there are many paths to immortality. Participate in Guild Wars and complete quests and challenges to reap brilliant rewards. Enjoy rich RPG gameplay with incredibly complex combat in a living, breathing fantasy world. An eternity can be a long time, don't spend it alone! You're bound to meet the right person on your path to enlightenment. Forge a powerful bond with your soulmate and become a Perfect Immortal Couple. Increase your power levels twice as quickly and accelerate your progress toward immortality. Play Devil Hunter: Eternal War on PC and hop into massive cross-server PvP battles. Bitter rivalries are forgotten for a brief moment when the reputation of your server is on the line. Bring honor and glory to your Guild through your achievements on the battlefield, you know it will have a big world for you to explore.

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Devil Hunter: Eternal War

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