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Cult of the Lamb was developed by an indie developer Massive Monster and published by Devolver Digital as a rogue-like action-adventure game.

The main story begins as you walk into a narrow stone corridor, greeted by the old gods. You will play as a fluffy lamb that's the last of his kind due to a prophecy that a lamb would destroy the old faith and unleash the one thing they are most afraid of, known as "The One Who Waits".

To avoid the prophecy, the old gods will get rid of you but little did they know that this is what the prophecy demands.

You will get resurrected by The One Who Waits who was betrayed by other gods. He will make you an offer to start a cult in his name and he will resurrect you with a red crown that will grant you power.

Develop your cult by building your cult base to grow your followers. Loot resources, gather perks, and collect weapons. Train your followers and assign them to work around the base. Spread enlightenment and perform rituals to develop yourself to be the mighty lamb god.

Explore other regions to fulfill quests and discover the mystery of the other gods. Assert your cult domination by launching crusades and fighting enemy hordes. Ultimately, defeat rival cult's gods and set your master free!

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Cult of the Lamb Steam Key

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