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Buy CSGO Skins at the Best Prices With Gamer to Gamer

Released in August of 2012, Counterstrike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter. The fourth game in the Counterstrike series, CSGO received universally positive reviews across all platforms. Unlike most FPS games, which contain a single-player, story campaign, Counterstrike: Global Offensive has a strictly multiplayer-based formula, with objective-driven maps and scenarios. Players can choose from a wide range of activities, including team competitions or free-for-alls. Generally, advancement and points are earned through kills and the use of multiple weapons.

When game maker introduced the game's "Arms Deal" update, players gained the option to purchase in-game items like knives, tattoos, weapons and skins through their online store. Because the cost of these products was often disproportionate to their in-game value, players would pay more than the items were worth. Consequently, betting sites emerged requiring players to basically gamble their items in hopes of winning better ones. While the payout could be good, it could also result in more lost money.

G2G can help. There's no betting involved, so players are guaranteed the get the items they want. Our shop has thousands of great in-game items at cheap -- and fair -- prices. We offer players a safe, secure marketplace to buy and sell their skins. This gives purchasers access to the cheapest CSGO skins, while helping sellers make real cash for their unused items. Don't pay more than you need to for your skins with Gamer to Gamer!

What Makes G2G the Best Place to Buy CSGO Skins

CSGO may have its own online shop, but it doesn't offer the same facilities as Gamer to Gamer. Unlike in the game, we let sellers set their own costs, giving buyers access to competitive prices.

At G2G, we feel direct interaction is much more effective than going through a third party, such as an online store. That's why all offers and sales on our site are carried out between the buyers and the sellers. Through our instant messaging system, players can communicate regularly and in real-time. A transaction won't finalize until both sides are satisfied.

Safely Buy CSGO Skins at Gamer to Gamer

When it comes to online purchases, credibility means peace of mind. All of our users are subject to reviews and ratings, which we then display next to their names. This ensures that clients know who they're dealing with. Reputable buyers and sellers will fare well, while unreliable ones won't.

G2G understands that some transactions might not go smoothly; however, we refuse to let honest players suffer because of a few bad apples. Gamer to Gamer enforces every sale through our site administrators.

Occasionally, sales can fall through. Don't worry -- G2G has you covered. We guarantee and offer refunds on all of our transactions, ensuring that nobody will sacrifice their hard-earned skins or money.

Gamer to Gamer thanks you for your business and we wish you luck in every match and mission. Thanks for choosing G2G!

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Recently, game maker launched a new patch where in addition to in-game changes an adjustment to skin trading was implemented alongside. The developers implemented a 7 day trading restrictions on new items, cogs players will not be able to trade the skins immediately, they will need to wait for 7 days for the trading cool down.
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