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How to buy Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission M diamonds ?

Bullet Angel is a modern and stylish high quality mobile FPS game by Xshot developer. With classic maps such as Aden Army Warehouse, The Ancient City of Loulan, Whampoa Dock and Pharaonic Temple, unique elements such as the Mummy-Hero, dance to restore HP, themed weapons like Bloom, Sweetheart, Blue Knight/Miss Strawberry. No matter it's hardcore TDM, Ghost, Melee/Sniper Combat, or casual and funny modes like Chicken Run, with Bullet Angel's advanced rank system and social system, you can claim your title and meet new friends or even your soul mate. In Bullet Angel, gear and outfits are much more than the realistic ones! Electric, jungle, steampunk and hand drawing......Use all kinds of stylish gears and outfits to fully customize your character, hundreds of skins for you to choose. A battle between human and mummies in ancient temples, and human turns into mummies once infected, only one kind survives by the end.

Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission M

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