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Brawlhalla is a free-to-play fighting game. Players choose a legendary hero and use their skills and items to knock their opponent out of the arena. Master your hero and pick up item drops, from deadly bombs to individualized weapons. Each hero picks up one of two weapons with their own stylistic move-sets. Play online in competitive 1v1 or 2v2 matches and fight for the right to be declared the greatest warrior. Enter an 8 player 4v4 FFA where chaos rules and only the most vigilant player can survive. Or, play with your friends thanks to local play, either in a free for all brawl or custom teams. Train and test your might against bots in the single-player tournament—increasing their difficulty to prepare yourself for other players. To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy brawlhalla coaching from our list of reputable sellers here at in a safe secure environment and at cheap rates.


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