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Bless Unleashed is a stunning multiplayer open world action RPG which takes players on a journey through the mysterious fantasy world of Lumios, filled, of course, with exciting dungeons populated by immense bosses that you can take your fully customisable character into. Alongside the four races; Humans, Elves, Varg and Ippin, you can choose from five different classes, with each character then having access to a number of Blessings Skills which you can use to tailor them to your play style. Combat looks combo-heavy and action-intensive, and whether you’re playing as a Berserker, Crusader, Mage, Priest or Ranger it should stand out amongst many of the current MMORPGs where you’re simply chasing skill cooldowns. The game boasts a deep lore built around the original battle of the gods, where chaos and order were constantly at war. Physera, the god of order, empowered by the five dragon gods, struck down Daimon, the god of chaos, and in the aftermath created laws to prevent gods from killing one another ever again, bringing order to the world.

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