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Bless Mobile is a brand new MMORPG that takes place in the same universe as the infamous PC MMORPG emerge from the Bless MMORPG series, is now available worldwide for iOS and Android. farming, trading and economy systems, PvE and PVP combat, character classes, and in-depth customisation are all included with a robust level of detail, utilizing the latest Unreal Engine 4 to deliver stellar performance that can be enjoyed even on lower-end devices. Among the many features that stands out about Bless Mobile is its combat mechanics. Camera rotation, attack animations, and character reaction speed is incredibly smooth and the abundance of attack and defence commands at your disposal with the onscreen d-pad which makes for an extremely dynamic experience. Making the combat even more dynamic still is the developer's choice to incorporate a direction based system in which range of attack is determined by weapon type and range of motion, with the hit box always following the weapon's path. 4 Races and 5 Classes with their own unique characteristics. Choose your own class and maximize your true potential. Amazing Character Customization. Create your special character that no one yet has seen. Exciting battles with powerful skills and superb actions. Jump into intense battles with danger around every corner. Hone your Life Skills through fishing, gathering, and even unique adventures! A Guild for Everyone. Join a guild and play with players from all across the globe. Build up your guild's headquarters with your brothers-in-arms. Stunning Graphics that You've Only Dreamed of. Lifelike visuals with beautiful sceneries. Experience a true fantasy in high-quality graphics.

Where to buy Bless Mobile Boosting ?

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