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Bigo Recharge | Bigo Diamonds Recharge

Bigo recharge is a service for purchasing Diamonds in Bigo Live. Diamonds are the virtual currency in Bigo Live. During Live streaming on Bigo Live, viewers can give Diamonds to the streamers to support them.

You also get to tip performers like musicians or DJs by sending them Diamonds. Not only that, Diamonds can be used to purchase Gifts. Broadcasters who receive Gift are able to convert it into cash which creates a revenue for them to earn some money while having fun.

In general, Bigo recharge is available online through the “Wallet” section in the Bigo Live application where you can choose the amount of Diamonds you want. If you are watching a live stream, you can also tap on the gift icon, then tap on the “Recharge” at the bottom left to buy Diamonds.

However, these methods are not convenient since Bigo Live only supports limited payment methods. For that reason, it’s easier to get Bigo TV recharge by purchasing on G2G marketplace.

No login information is required so you’re able to get Bigo Diamonds faster!

Where to Get Bigo Recharge

Bigo recharge is made easier by purchasing through G2G marketplace. You don’t need to give your Bigo Live login information. Instead, G2G sellers will provide you with affordable Bigo recharge and you just need to give your Bigo ID and nickname.

Furthermore, we have more than 200+ payment methods and 18 currencies you can choose. All transactions on our website are protected by SSL encryption that ensures safety and prevents fraud. Also, we have a GamerProtect feature that covers your purchase when the order isn't received or the items received don't match product description.

Most importantly, we ensure the best after-purchase experience with assistance from our dedicated customer satisfaction team. Feel free to contact us 24/7!

How to Get Bigo Recharge on G2G

Proceed with these steps to recharge Bigo Diamonds on G2G:

1. Create a G2G account or log in if you already have one.
2. Visit G2G Bigo Recharge page.
3. Choose the amount of Bigo Diamonds you want.
4. Click "Buy Now".
5. Finish your transaction.
6. Provide your Bigo nickname and ID to the sellers.
7. Sellers will add Bigo Diamonds to your account.

Congrats! You just finished Bigo recharge and the Diamonds are added to your account!

About Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a live streaming platform. With this application, people can show their daily life, watch live streams, interact with other users, and make new friends. You can go live in real time to share moments, showcase talents, and more.

Bigo Live allows users to broadcast video anywhere and anytime they want while viewers get to like, comment, or send gifts using purchased Diamonds. You can even earn income from Bigo Live by converting received gifts into money.

With Bigo, live streaming becomes easier and fun!


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