Buy Battlefield 3 Origin Key

Ramp up the intensity in Battlefield 3 and enjoy total freedom to fight the way you want. Explore nine massive multiplayer maps and use loads of vehicles, weapons, and gadgets to help you turn up the heat. Plus, every second of battle puts you closer to unlocking tons of extras.

Key Features:

Play to your strengths. The four player classes — Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon — each have their specialties, and working together is key to victory.

Go anywhere, do anything. Commandeer any vehicle you come across, from tanks and buggies to helicopters and jets. Even slam your F/A-18E Super Hornet directly into an enemy combatant!

Total mayhem. Enjoy nine multiplayer maps. Massive destructible environments? Yup. Wide open spaces for crazy vehicular combat? Roger that.

Loads of unlockables. Every battle gains you Ranks, Ribbons, Medals and more, enhancing your prowess. Stick with your helicopter, master your piloting and unlock IR flares to ward off oncoming missiles or opt to increase your stealth.

Why You Should Buy Battlefield 3 Key for Origin on G2G

First and foremost, the price on G2G is cheaper compared to the official store, allowing you to save more money along the way.

This is possible because our trusted sellers have been in the industry for quite some time and established a network with suppliers where they can get cheaper prices for games.

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How to Activate Battlefield 3 Origin Key

Since you don't have a physical DVD that installs the game on your device, follow this instruction to activate your Battlefield 3 Origin key.

1. Go to the Origin website as this Battlefield version is meant to be played through the Origin client.
2. Log in to your account and choose the Origin menu at the top left corner.
3. Click Redeem Product Code.
4. Fill the column with the code that G2G seller sent you and hit Next.
5. Read the agreement that follows afterward and confirm it by clicking Next.

Your key is now activated and you can play Battlefield 3!

Battlefield 3 Origin Key

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