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Badlanders is a survival looter shooter mobile that allows players to collect and customize in-game items. The highlight of the main game mode is that players are able to self-build weapons according their favor and are free to trade loots they gathered from the battlefield. Here, some become rich overnight while others lose it all. Gear up and get ready. You land on a small map along with other 24 players, and the objective is to arm yourself, fight against the other players, and defeat them while avoiding getting eliminated yourself. The twist here is that, despite being able to defeat all players like usual, you can also win the match by moving to the designated escape points, which appear after a certain time has passed, and waiting until the timer counts down. Badlanders has realistic loadouts and weapon customization features. Virtually every single weapon in the game can be customized with various types of attachments and upgrades. Players can then bring these souped-up monster weapons to the field to give themselves and edge over their enemies. However, if a player dies in battle, they will drop and lose all their gathered loot. In this sense bringing your own weapons to the field is always a gamble.

Where to Buy Badlanders coupons

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