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Atomic Heart is an FPS action role-playing video game. The combat in the game consists of shooting and slashing with improvised weapons. A wide variety of enemies is featured, which may be mechanical, biomechanical, biological, and some of which are airborne. There is a crafting system where the weapons can be pieced together from metal parts that can be detached from robots or taken from household appliances. Weapons can also be upgraded via a mechanic called "casettes.” Ammo in the game is scarce, and there is a sneaking option. Quick-time events are also featured in the game. The player wears a special glove, the Polymer Glove, which grants him powers such as telekinesis, freezing, and electricity to defeat his foes. Its powers can be combined with both melee and ranged weapons. Ammunition can also be upgraded with various elemental effects using cannisters. These canisters can be looted and crafted, and then equipped by the player on both melee- and ranged weapons. If the canister depletes, it is discarded from the player's inventory.

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