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Embark on an enchanting journey through the stars in Astral Tale - Myth of the Stars, a classic Japanese MMORPG now officially operating worldwide. As the game makes its global debut, players can explore a brand-new profession, inviting them to partake in a unique journey across the cosmos. Set against the backdrop of a starry sky, Astral Tale invites players to experience cute adventures, heal their souls, and craft their destinies as one-of-a-kind adventurers. The game offers a vast fantasy world for free exploration, encouraging players to uncover hidden treasures, immerse themselves in unknown legends, and collaborate with fellow adventurers to reach the celestial horizons. The freedom to change class at will adds a dynamic layer to gameplay, allowing players to adapt to different roles based on their mood or tactical needs. In the Astral Realm, each player can find their unique style, capturing the initial excitement of role-playing. Stellar companions from the stars join players in battle, growing alongside them with unique stories and charms, becoming indispensable allies in their adventures. The introduction of personal mobile cottages enhances the exploration experience, taking players wherever they go with a customizable three-level design and rich life systems, including greenhouse gardening, alchemy, cooking, tailoring, and more. The game's rich wardrobe offers a plethora of free outfits, enabling players to create versatile character images without additional costs—from classical elegance to cyber-futuristic styles, becoming the cutest adventurers with heart-touching charm. Astral Tale invites players to shape their destinies, explore hidden worlds, and create legends under the starry sky in this MMORPG adventure.

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