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How to buy ASKA Accounts?

In ASKA, immerse yourself in the thrilling role of a Viking tribe leader, tasked with forging a prosperous settlement in a harsh and mystical world. Whether embarking on this adventure solo or with up to three friends, you'll delve into the challenges of survival and community-building. Command intelligent NPC villagers, each with their own needs and roles, as you work together to gather resources, craft essential tools, and fortify against ancient threats and brutal winters. Expand your village with meticulously designed structures—from houses and workshops to defensive fortifications and sacred altars—all contributing to the functionality and visual splendor of your Viking domain. Explore procedurally generated landscapes teeming with secrets and mythical adversaries, where dynamic weather systems and seasonal shifts pose constant survival challenges. Engage in skill-based combat against legendary foes, customize buildings with functional furniture and decor, and train villagers to specialize in crucial tasks, ensuring your tribe's resilience and prowess in the face of impending danger.


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