Arena Breakout Top Up

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About Arena Breakout Top Up

Arena Breakout is a free-to-play tactical FPS designed for mobile. Experience an immersive and competitive gaming that brings realism to your fingertips. Traverse an expansive open world, collecting vital supplies and equipment as you go. The game offers a robust customization system that lets you fine-tune your weapons, characters, and loadouts to perfection.

With an impressive arsenal of over 700 gun parts at your disposal, craft the ultimate weapon that complements your unique style of play. Personalize your character with a variety of skins, emotes, and voice lines, making them truly your own. Remember, victory isn't solely about taking down foes; it's about securing supplies and making a triumphant extraction. Choose your strategy: sneak like a shadow or charge headfirst into the fray. Your path to dominance awaits in Arena Breakout!

Arena Breakout Top Up