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How to buy Arena Breakout: Infinite Accounts?

Gear up and lock and load for the ultimate immersive experience in Arena Breakout: Infinite, the definitive ultra-real tactical military extraction shooter. Step into the Dark Zone, where every pulse-pounding firefight is heightened by jaw-dropping visuals and true-to-life audio, pulling you into the heart of the action. Whether you're loading up for a heavy assault or opting for a nimble approach, each raid promises high stakes and even higher rewards. Strategic warfare reaches new heights as you navigate intense battles, where every bullet counts and valor is earned in the crucible of the arena. Customize your arsenal with unparalleled depth through the gunsmithing system, offering over 500 attachments across 30 weapon slots. But fear not, fair play is non-negotiable, with robust anti-cheat measures ensuring a level playing field for all. As the closed beta approaches, brace yourself for the ultimate test of skill and survival, as Arena Breakout: Infinite gears up to redefine the military first-person shooter experience on PC.

Arena Breakout: Infinite

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