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Inspired by classic GTA, American Fugitive is a modern take on sandbox action developed by Fallen Tree Games. This game offers a new 3D top-down open-world single-player experience.

Welcome to Redrock County, a sleepy American town with a booming criminal underbelly.

You take the role of Will Riley. No angel for sure - but not a killer either. Yet the cold-blooded murder of your dad is the crime they locked you up for. Fuelled by grief and a burning desire for vengeance, you'll bust out of jail intent on finding the real culprit.

Once outside, you'll need to blend with the townsfolk to avoid recapture. Establish contact with the criminal underworld and stay one step ahead of the police dragnet.

Set in the deep south of the 1980s, American Fugitive is a love letter to the classic movies and games of old.

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How to Activate American Fugitive Steam CD Key

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4. On the following page, enter American Fugitive key that has been provided by G2G seller
5. Click "Next" and confirm your activation

Run the game.Tackle thrilling missions for the criminal underworld and don't let the cops track you down!

American Fugitive Steam CD Key

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