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Amazon Gift Card for Sale

Do you want to give someone a present but not sure about what product to buy? Don’t worry, Amazon Gift Card can be a great solution for that.

You can simply give your friends and family the desired amount of money in the form of Amazon balance and let them decide what they want to purchase. They will have millions of items to pick from and you are still able to send a gift within your budget.

If that sounds like a perfect plan for you, don’t wait any longer to get an Amazon Gift Card for your loved ones!

Where to Buy Amazon Gift Card

Finding the best Amazon Gift Card deals from G2G is always a great choice. We offer you a seamless shopping experience, where you can purchase from our selection of trusted sellers and receive the item directly in your email.

What's great, the amount of money in your Amazon Gift Card can range from as little as $0.50 to as big as $2000. No matter how much you put in it, we’ll guarantee the safety and delivery of your transaction using our quality control process and secure payment getaways.

Once redeemed, it will add funds to the recipient's Amazon account so it's up to them what to buy and where to ship the product to.

How do I Redeem My Amazon Gift Card

Read the following instructions to complete your Amazon Gift Card Balance redemption process:

1.On your browser, visit Amazon gift card redemption page. Log in to your account first before you can open this page.
2. Enter the Amazon Gift Card code that you receive on G2G email. It is usually 14 to 15 characters long and a combination of letters and numbers.
3. Click Add to Your Balance.

Once it's done, all the specified amount on the gift card will be added to your Amazon Balance. What’s great, the balance won’t expire and you can reload it again in the future.

Keep in mind that your balance can’t be transferred to another account and used to buy another gift card.

About Amazon

Simply put, Amazon is the biggest eCommerce store in the world that was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. It has the widest selection of products, ranging from physical items to digital goods, and promises fast shipping to its customers.

Amazon allows you to shop online for arguably any needs, such as electronics, kitchen appliances, automotive parts, books, and so on. Moreover, the price is competitive, making it even more appealing to all types of buyers.

Besides the United States, Amazon also has expanded its service to numerous countries in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.


Q: How do I check the balance on my Amazon gift card?
A: Follow these instructions to check your Amazon gift card balance:
     • Visit the "Gift Cards" section on
     • Select "Check balance."
     • Enter the gift card claim code and click "Check" to view the current balance.

Q: How do I send an Amazon gift card to someone else?
A: You can send an Amazon gift card to someone else by giving them the code you receive from G2G seller after purchasing.

Q: Can I use an Amazon gift card for Amazon Prime membership?
A: Yes, you can use an Amazon gift card to pay for Amazon Prime membership. When you sign up for Prime or renew your membership, simply select the "Gift cards" payment option and enter your gift card code to use your gift card balance towards the membership fee.

Q: Can I use an Amazon gift card to buy Kindle books?
A: Yes, you can use an Amazon gift card to buy Kindle books. When you purchase a Kindle book, you'll have the option to pay with your gift card balance at checkout.

Q: Can I use an Amazon gift card to buy groceries?
A: Yes, you can use an Amazon gift card to buy groceries on Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry. When you checkout, simply select the "Gift cards" payment option and enter your gift card code. However, the availability of these services may vary by location.

Q: Can I use Amazon Gift Card Online for Roblox?
A: Yes, you could buy Robux from it, so make sure you have bought Amazon Gift Card, Roblox will be easier with it!

Amazon Gift Card

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