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Embark on an epic journey in Age of Origins, where humanity fights for survival amidst an extremely delicate and realistic 3D war against a relentless zombie crisis. Engage in the all-new Mercenary Survivor gameplay, rescuing those in distress and strategically rebuilding to ignite the flames of hope. As a commander, recruit talents, strengthen your army, and explore fog-covered lands to unlock new phases in the world's destiny. With diverse troop types like Titans and Warplanes, and various development modes, devise military strategies to navigate the treacherous battlefield. Age of Origins offers a relentless and dynamic gaming experience, featuring innovative scenarios such as City War, President War, Global Conquest, Chaosland, Elite War, Duel of Dominance, Ironblood Battlefield, Brutal Drag Racing, and Giant Cannon Defense. The war never ends, and as a commander, you hold the key to ushering in a new civilization. Strategize wisely, for the fate of humanity rests in your hands!

Age of Origins

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