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Introduction of CLASH ROYALE

In early January Supercell, the developers behind the hit mobile game Clash of Clans announced a spin-off game called Clash Royale. It isn’t Clash of Clans 2, but has lots of similarities even though it’s a completely different game. As of today, Clash Royale is available around the globe, and for Android users.
With Clash of Clans being such a success, the developers didn’t want to mess with a tried and tested system, or start over. As a result Clash Royale looks similar to Clash of Clans, and is still a strategy game that features many of the same troops, characters, elixir, gems, mortars and more.
However, Clash Royale is a strategy-based card collecting game. Similar to Hearthstone or Card Wars with a little League of Legends mixed in. It’s basically a turn-based version of Clash of Clans with a very fast pace and a similar look and feel. Here’s what you need to know.

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Clash Royale Combat

The battlefield is split into two sides, and users will battle by taking turns and using cards (or troops) from their collection of cards. Users can level up their troops and attacking skills by earning coins (in game currency) and buying more cards. A duplicate card upgrades the troop, making it more powerful. Similar to how upgrades in Clash of Clans make giants stronger, hog riders more powerful, and wall breakers blast through walls.You win the game by taking out the enemy players Castle, or the two defensive towers that each player has at the start of every battle. Attacking costs elixir, and spells cost elixir too. However, it quickly refills so you won’t be waiting 10 minutes for enough elixir to play, like some games available for mobile devices. The winner gets trophies, and gets into higher leagues.

Clash Royale Gameplay

When you play Clash Royale, you’ll need to be quick. Unlike Clash of Clans users have an unlimited supply of troops to attack with, but you only can bring 8-cards to any battle. Like any card-collecting game, switching them out is easy. Simply tap on the new card or troop, then tap the one you want to remove and they’re switched out.Build your deck of cards before the battle, choose what’s strongest based on upgrades and get ready for a royal battle. Deploying troops to protect your Castle or attack the enemy costs elixir, but it refills quickly. Troops can be placed anywhere on your side at first, but as you take down the enemy side troops can be deployed closer. It’s all about strategy and making your way to their castle. Here’s a hands-on gameplay video from Supercell themselves.

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