Would You Pay $9.99 For A Hearthstone Pack?

Would You Pay $9.99 For A Hearthstone Pack?

They may be digital, but Hearthstone cards are in high demand. And just like the WoW Trading Card Game, players are eager to fork up their hard-earned cash for card packs. But is it worth it to spend $9.99 for each pack?

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Hearthstone – A Brief Introduction

For those of you who are in the dark, wondering what Hearthstone is – Hearthstone is a free-to-play strategy card game from Blizzard. Essentially, it’s a digital version of the physical WoW TCG (Trading Card Game).

Players can build their decks, craft cards, unlock new heroes and purchase game card packs to boost their chances of getting gold (or more valuable) cards. When playing, you have the option of being matched against players or AI. Matches against players can be casual or ranked, and you can partake in a few Tavern Brawls if you like.

If you’re like most new players, you’re probably tempted to just buy a $9.99 starter card pack, but before you do, consider buying an account.

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Thinking of Buying a $9.99 Starter Pack? Buy an Account Instead

When playing Hearthstone, you must first unlock all of the heroes. Unlocking heroes can be fun, but can also be extremely tedious. Expect to play several rounds to gain the level and experience points you need to open up all of the heroes and build up a decent starter deck. All of this takes time. A starter pack is a convenient option, but buying an account will provide you with more long-term. Here’s why:

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You’ll Spend More in the Long Run

In Hearthstone, you can gain new cards through quest rewards, competing in the arena, or you can purchase them from the shop for real money or gold.

What many new players don’t realize is that each pack only contains five cards. And these cards can range anywhere from common to legendary quality. In other words, you never know what you’re going to get. For $9.99, you’ll get 7 packs, which equates to just 35 cards in total. And each pack is only guaranteed to contain one rare card.

The RNG (Random Number Generation) in this game can be incredibly frustrating, which will lead to you to buy more packs out of pure rage. Before you know it, you’ve spent three times what you would have paid for a well-built account.

In the long run, it may be more cost efficient to simply buy an account that already has a great collection built up. You don’t have to buy the best account either, although that would probably provide you with all of the cards you ever need. Buying a decent account with a good collection of cards and heroes will probably still provide you with more value for your money than buying numerous card packs.

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You’ll Need To Continue Buying Packs

As you progress in the game, you’ll need to continue expanding your current deck. This means buying more packs with real money or gold. Because you’re only guaranteed to get one rare card per pack, you’ll probably wind up having to buy several packs to complete your collection. And that adds up quickly. Just take a look at the current pack price options:

  • $9.99: 7 packs
  • $19.99: 15 packs
  • $49.99: 40 packs
  • $69.99: 60 packs

In May, one player plunked down $3,400 on cards in one swoop. According to him, it cost him roughly $1,300 to complete his card collection. The rest of the cards were used for dust to craft new cards. And he’s heard rumors that a complete gold collection of cards can cost up to $10,000.

Needless to say, progress in Hearthstone can be quite expensive. It’s more convenient and probably a lot cheaper just to buy an already-established account.

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Packs Typically Don’t Provide Good Value for the Money

The RNG in Hearthstone is unforgiving. And for this reason, packs typically don’t provide good value for money. The odds of getting an epic, legendary or golden card are alarming if you look at data from recent studies.

Out of 27,868 packs, or 139,340 cards total, here are the odds of getting each type of card:

  • Common: 71.65%
  • Rare: 22.84%
  • Epic: 4.42%
  • Legendary: 1.10%

The odds of getting a golden card are even lower:

  • Common: 1.48% chance of getting a golden card
  • Rare: 1.27% chance of getting a golden card
  • Epic: 0.19% chance of getting a golden card
  • Legendary: 0.07% chance of getting a golden card

Note: These numbers are based on a total of 15,109 packs.

You have a 15% chance of getting a golden card of any rarity in each pack, which may sound like pretty good odds. But that golden card will likely be common. If you’re extremely lucky, you’ll get a golden legendary card, but don’t hold your breath.

The 27,868 packs involved in the study equates to about 465 60-pack purchases, which equals about $32,550 worth of cards. Of course, you wouldn’t have to spend this much to complete your collection, but you’ll spend at least $10,000 if you want a collection of gold cards.

You’ll spend far less buying an account. Just take a look at a few of the accounts available for sale:

  • $615: 13 golden legendary cards, 84 golden cards, 639 arena wins, and 1890 play mode wins.
  • $800: 70-90% TGT cards, 3 golden legendary cards, 49 legendary cards, 13,272 play mode wins, and 365 arena wins.

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Hearthstone can be a fun, addicting game. But to progress, you’re going to need a good set of cards. To get there, you have two options: buy card packs, or buy an account. In the long run, it’s cheaper and more convenient to just buy an established account, and work your way up from there. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending thousands (or in the very least, several hundreds) of dollars on card packs just to get a few legendary or epic cards. If you’re after golden cards, you’ll spend far more. But just looking at the few listing examples above, you’ll get more value for your money when you buy an account.

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