World of Warcraft: Fashion pays well

World of Warcraft: Fashion pays well

To the untrained eye, video-gaming may look like any other hobby. To the expert, though, certain games represent a whole new alternative universe. Even when there would seem to be a lot of look-alike parallels in the coexisting realms of virtual reality, every game is unique.

Hardcore gamers may have developed different strategies, or be keen on different games. But, the one thing 99% of all game mongers will share loud and proud is the incomparable feel of getting a kick out of a good MMORPG. Run a search looking for a top-notch game, and World of Warcraft will come up first on your top games list, every time.

No wonder, since this game can provide hours of entertainment. As if the fun factor wasn’t good enough, there is yet, another reason to get hooked on WoW: making some dough.

Generating profits from this game has gotten way past virtual, and at we can guide you in your quest toward selling or buying your much-valued WoW assets.


wow transmog event


Transmogrification: What’s hot?

Uh, that old thing? That happens to be “the” thing among the World of Warcraft players who want to move on to a more professional level, so to say. For the layman to know, transmogrification refers to the process of changing the avatars’ (gaming characters’) appearance by paying a sort of fee, in gold.

Catching up on the lingo may take a while, so let’s just say that doing  the Transmogrification thing can really pay off, once you’ve learnt the three “Ws”: What, Where and When.

Upon registration, beginner players are given a character, a sort of alter ego persona, who will represent each gamer on the virtual realm of WoW. At first sight, these characters may look simplistic, even coarse.

This basic attire can luckily be traded for something a bit more fitting for higher-order tasks, such as collecting resources or fighting monsters. The process is simple, but may call for strategic decision-making and dexterity as regards the rules that must be followed.

Transmog occurs when players present themselves with one of the Ethereal Transgmogrifiers, who will provide the service. Once in their presence, an interface window will open up, showing gamers an item slot with the pieces of equipment that can be altered at this point.

The new “skin” is picked by means of a drag- and- drop sequence.

Finally, there is a preview alternative showing players what the changes will look like before they actually commit the gold.  If the transaction is agreed upon by both parts, it comes live.

What is impressive about World of Warcraft is the wide array alternatives out there. For one thing, all characters can dress the part regardless their race or species. Even orcs or dwarves can upgrade their wardrobe by resorting to transmogrification.

But it is not all about the looks, there are deeper benefits than just looking cute in a new outfit.

By trading old costumes in the Auction House, for instance; characters can get hold of much-needed armor or weapons. Moving your way up from having a barefoot dwarf, to a finely-booted, heavily-hooded one can take some training and a bit of spark.

If you are shrewd enough however, you will soon find out how to sell, buy and even raise some cash. One of the most useful tips any avid newbie can use is linked to underestimating: never disregard any piece of clothing, however meaningless it may seem to be.

Even the grayest, simplest of outfits can fare well at a local auction, what with so many players hooked on the WoW craze, there is always somebody out there looking for a set piece.

Apart from trading or buying stuff from the Auctions House, gamers can always play the farming card to refresh their wardrobes. Since there are some transmog rules that must be obeyed before carrying out any transactions, first-timers ought to become acquainted with them before attempting to transmogrify.

At this point, the most stylish items available on the market would fall under the armor gear and artifact categories. However, as players move along, they will find that the market is highly versatile.


wow human


Major Reckon: Road to Success

Spot the Items
Before rushing off to do some wild uncontrolled transmogrification, it is wise to do some research on the items you are interested in. Finding out about the item’s location, its source and how to get hold of it will be key in your quest.

Believe it or not, there is a lot of fashion trending going on in world of Warcraft. Beware however, and avoid getting caught in the looks war, the real battle is fought on a different level. Transmogrifying just to keep up with the Joneses may be costly and time-consuming.

In addition, whenever you have transmogrified your gear, stick to the old stuff! You can either keep the old gear in the bank, or sell it. Word to the wise: if you sell, you may miss out on the chance of trading it for something else in the future.

Remember this is where the gold is at! Every single item that you may seem to have discarded is fit for selling, and every time you sell, you get to make gold – and that is what this whole issue is about.

Once you have put up your items for sale at the auction house, all you need to do is sit back and wait. Since items can be sold at any reasonable price, players are advised to follow a guide of sorts, in terms of which items seem to fare better at the auction house, or which ones are definitely not selling.

As was mentioned earlier, there are two different ways of trading gear: players can either sell their goods to a vendor, or at the auction house. The most widely sought-after items are linked to their quality.

A color guide, based on item quality and exclusivity, has been provided in order to help beginners optimize their transactions.

Green: Average-quality products that price may go up in times of scarcity. If the item is hard to get and looks great on your character, there will be demand for it.

Blue: Unusual, even unique pieces that will be worth more at the auction house. Since they provide great trading opportunities the tip is: sell blue items if you are not planning on using them yourself.

Purple: As these items fall under the epic category, they are usually very rare. If you happen to find one of those, you may have hit jackpot: major gold opportunity. Another kind of taxonomy that is well worth researching is transmorg sets.

Identifying vendors of the items is really easy, just by placing your mouse over the desired piece, a window will open up showing technical specs, plus essential data, like how much the item is worth on the market and above all, who has dropped it and is selling for the time being.

If you were interested in getting the Dual-bladed Pauldrons today, you would need to contact Rotface and invest 11 gold 56 silver and 56 copper.


Many players will feel concerned with selling items at lower-than-usual prices. Likewise, the fear of overpricing may lead to a financial plateau which is certainly not good for any gamer.

Fortunately, there is a useful resource known as TradeSkillMaster that can help sellers-to-be to identify profitable prices, both in your realm or on a more global level. Take armors for instance, you can find different materials to choose from: cloth, leather, mail or plate.

Each item is presented on this website together with a picture of the item, number of available units and a chart with pricing data: minimum buyout, market value and historical price. Even when the law of supply and demand may say otherwise, this chart makes a great starting point to open up negotiations.

Budgeting Pays Off

The above mentioned data is not only useful to help you sell items, but may be vital to work out how much money is needed to start buying yourself. Having a clear picture on how much gold you need to get hold of before starting your quest can prevent frustration and time-consuming procedures.

Let’s go over the three main sources of gold:
•  Selling items you have dropped off.
•  Farming: unless you have plenty of time in your hands, this may be the slowest way.
•  Buying gold from the G2G marketplace at

Once you have stacked your account, let the shopping commence:

Two-way Street

Gamers learn a lot more than just simple questing skills when they play World of Warcraft. As you have seen, economic laws apply to this universe just as well. If you are new to WoW transactions, you will be amazed at the amount of gold you can make whilst buying new gear.

How’s this possible? For one thing, every time you get hold of a new piece, you drop another one which is likely to be sold to somebody else. Experts have estimated that a player should be making around 10-20k in gold each day, provided they sell the right items.


draenei sets


Monetize WoW

Last but not least, players are given the chance to turn surplus gold into cash at the G2G marketplace. This is everybody’s favorite part! Extra pocket money always comes in handy, especially if you are planning on expanding your horizons as far as WoW is concerned.

Plunder our dungeons at and learn about all the available money-making options.


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