World of Warcraft Legion Release Date in the Third Quarter of 2016

World of Warcraft Legion Release Date in the Third Quarter of 2016

The date has finally been confirmed: August 30th. World of Warcraft Legion will be playable right before kids go back to school (sorry guys and gals), and a lot has changed with the upcoming expansion.

Some players state that this is the best expansion since Lich King and some even compare it to the Burning Crusade.

And many believe that this is Blizzard’s last chance to hang onto their user base and bring back the millions of players that made Azeroth into the biggest MMORPG in the world. I almost forgot – Blizzcon has also been announced and will take place in Anaheim California on November 4 – 5.

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What’s New in The WoW Universe?

Sadly, I haven’t been invited into the World of Warcraft Legion beta yet, so I can’t share my first-hand experience with you. But the lucky players that have already ventured into Legion have leaked a lot of exciting details at what WoW will look like come August.

Demon Hunters

A new hero class is finally here: Demon Hunter. The class has been a long-awaited addition to the game, and the class can turn into the epic fel form. They’re the first class that can see through objects with spectral sight, they can use metamorphosis to unleash hellish forms, and they have unmatched mobility thanks to their double jump.

And they have wings that allow them to glide down from the sky.

PvP-Only Abilities

The PvP aspect of the game has been revamped to allow for PvP-only abilities. Finally, Blizzard heard the cries from fans that have been dying for a way to manage their PvE and PvP lifestyle. There will also be a blended PvE and PvP environment for world events.

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Epic weapons that can demolish any foe – err legendary weapons, that is. Blizzard will now allow every class to earn an artifact which is a legendary weapon that is, most of the time, tied into the game’s lure.

Paladins can get their hands on the Ashbringer while Shamans can obtain Thrall’s Doomhammer.

Customization of the weapons will also be possible, so you don’t look like every other player running around with the same exact gear.  And you’ll need this DPS overpower when you finally step into a realm that has long been legend for the community.

The Emerald Dream is Here

Since Vanilla WoW, players have been talking about a spirit world that is filled with green dragons and is inhabited by animals. This world has been one of the game’s biggest teases, and players will finally be able to enter the spirit realm in the Emerald Nightmare raid.

Players will engage in an epic 7-boss raid that pits you against the dark force that has kept you out of the Emerald Dream for so long.

Xavius, for all those who are heavy in to lore, will be a boss that awaits.

Class Orders

Unlike garrisons, all players of a class will gain access to their respective Class Hall.

You’ll recruit Champions rather than followers, which are, in many cases, characters that you’ve learned about through the game’s lore. And these characters can be heavily customized and won’t be sent out on boring quests anymore. Your champions will be able to help you with your own quests from time to time – an awesome addition.

And did I mention: Illidan returns?

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Preparing for Legion

Legion is going to be a blast, and players need to start early if they’re selling gold or want to make a killing on the auction house. With the game being released in August, we suggest preparing at the end of June.

  • Get rare mats for professions that people will level
  • Stock up on gold (more on that soon)
  • Sell potions and other items while they still fetch decent coin

And sign up for Legion beta – now.

Legion is going to be fun, and if you’re a gold seller, the competition will be fierce. So, what can you do if you get into beta? Research, play and have fun. A few aspects to research to make massive profits are:

  • Professions. What will be needed and what will sell well? I hope you have a gatherer because gathering mats always sell well.
  • Farming spots. Learn which spots can be farmed before the crowd comes to ruin your parade.
  • Dungeons and raids. Dive into dungeons and raids and find what you can obtain to boost your gold supply. Rare herbs and ore, bind-on-equip items and the like always sell for outrageous amount of gold on the AH.

WoW Tokens have caused the price of gold to fall. You need to start increasing your mats, gold and other goodies if you want to make Legion as profitable as BC was.

I recommend checking out gold prices to know what you’re up against.


Cash-in on Blizzcon

You’ll laugh, but players that want to cash in on World of Warcraft Legion need to head out to Blizzcon. Not only is the event epic in nature, but it provides you with an amazing goodie bag that can fetch a lot of money.

And you don’t need to go to California.

While you’re more than welcome to buy tickets, they sell out super-fast and then are resold for top dollar. The second batch of tickets are likely to sell out fast, too. So, what can you do? Buy a virtual ticket.

The ticket may grant you access to exclusive in-game items.

If you’re able to buy a real ticket, you’ll find that goodie bags are given out. These bags include exclusive items and merchandise that you’ll be able to sell for a high price. And if you wait a few months after Blizzcon 2016 to sell these items, you’ll receive top dollar for your items.

The good news is that virtual ticket holders will be able to buy the exclusive merchandise and items that they would have received in-person.

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