World of Warcraft Is Still the Most Profitable MMO

World of Warcraft Is Still the Most Profitable MMO

What’s the most profitable MMO for 2016? You guessed it – World of Warcraft. The iconic MMO was a goldmine at the peak of its popularity in 2010 and still reigns supreme today thanks to the release of the Legion expansion. If you’re looking to maximize your profits through farming and gold, WoW should be your main focus. Here’s why:

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Subscribers Are Up – Possibly Back to 10 Million

Still think WoW is dead? Polygon reported just last week that, as per an interview in Pixel magazine, Legion may have boosted subscribers back up to 10 million. While Blizzard hasn’t confirmed this figure, the interview in question was with Tom Chilton, WoW game designer.

Just to be clear, Blizzard said it would no longer be revealing subscriber numbers. But in a statement reacting to Chilton’s comments, Blizzard criticized Chilton for going against company policy and talking about subscriber numbers.

We probably won’t know for sure what WoW’s actual subscriber number is up to, but one thing is clear: more people are playing now than they were a year ago.

Just log onto just about any server and you’ll find plenty of players in Legion zones, whether they’re farming for crafting materials, running dungeons or grinding daily quests. Legion has breathed new life into the game.

Legion Tied Cataclysm’s Pre-Sale Record

Blizzard won’t reveal subscriber numbers, but they’ll happily talk about sales. The developer has already said it sold 3.3 million copies of the Legion expansion before launch day. That figure tied the 2010 record set by the Cataclysm expansion.

Blizzard also revealed that the number of concurrent users reached a level not seen since Cataclysm. It was around this time that WoW reached an all-time high of 12 million subscribers.

Again, Blizzard isn’t outright confirming Chilton’s comments, but they do a pretty good job of subtly validating his claims.

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There Are Still Plenty of Ways to Make a Profit

Regardless of subscriber numbers, there are still plenty of ways to profit off of World of Warcraft. And many of the methods that worked six years ago still work today.

  • Gold selling
  • Farming
  • PvP boosting services
  • Leveling services
  • Selling accounts

The expansion may have changed, but one thing hasn’t: the desire to be the best. And being the best takes the right gear. Gold and farming are the two best ways to accomplish that. Just looking at the sales figures for Legion you can see that there’s still a huge demand for WoW currency and items. Even focusing a portion of your efforts on WoW can boost your bottom line significantly.

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World of Warcraft Is Still the Most Played MMO

You can poke fun at WoW and its dipping subscriber numbers, but at the end of the day, it’s still the most played MMO on the planet. At its lowest point (that we know of), World of Warcraft had 5.5 million subscribers.

Rumor has it Final Fantasy XIV, one of the top MMOs out there, has around 1.5-2 million subscribers, but this information hasn’t been confirmed.

World of Warcraft was one of the first MMOs to really take off, and it set the bar for future games. The game still has a huge following today, and that isn’t likely to change anytime in the near future.

And the release of the World of Warcraft movie just ahead of the expansion probably did a world of good for subscriber numbers, too.

Vanilla WoW was released in 2004 – more than a decade ago. This is an MMO with staying power, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

There are MMOs that survive on just a couple hundred thousand subscribers, so it’s safe to say that WoW is still the behemoth of MMOs.

Farmers Are Still Making a Killing

Right now on G2G, there are more than 19,000 WoW items up for grabs. And people are still making a killing off selling power leveling, gold, items and accounts.

  • Power Leveling 100-110 will cost you between $59 and $100.
  • Runs through mythic dungeons are selling for $200+
  • Full mythic Ilvl 840+ gear is going for $400-$500
  • Emerald Nightmare heroic loot is going for $1,000+
  • 100,000 gold is selling for around $40
  • Some accounts are selling for $220 without high-end gear

Legion changed the game by making end-game content more complex. Between leveling artifact weapons and running challenging mythic dungeons, casual – even some hardcore – players are having a hard time gearing up. The end-game quest chains are lengthy, and the encounters in raids and dungeons are the most challenging they’ve been in quite some time.

As a farmer, you can take advantage of the increased demand, which is still very high right now because the expansion is new, by offering boosting services and gold. With a new huge dungeon on the way (Karazhan), players are going to want to gear up and make sure they’re ready for the release.

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And with the ability to purchase a level 100 boost for any character, leveling has never been easier. There’s no better time than now to jump on the WoW bandwagon.

Gold, power leveling and mythic dungeon runs are in high demand right now, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Even basic 110 accounts with a few rare items are selling for $200+. And players with deep pockets will be looking for the hard-to-attain Emerald Nightmare gear.

As long as Blizzard continues adding new and challenging end-game content, there will always be a high demand for items, gold, boosting services and accounts. Why? Because everyone loves instant gratification. Let’s face it – it takes a lot of time to fully gear a character in WoW with Legion. Not everyone has the time for hardcore raiding – that’s where you come in. Players are willing to shell out real money for these items and services.

If World of Warcraft isn’t a part of your strategy right now, it needs to be. Legion has drawn in both new and veteran players who quit years ago. If you aren’t farming WoW, you’re leaving money on the table.



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